Spring Car Care Tips for Your BMW

Date: May 1, 2017 Categories: BMW Spring Tips

Spring BMW Tips

If you own a BMW from Habberstad BMW of Bay Shore, there’s no doubt you’re looking forward to cruising with the windows or top down in the warm spring weather. Before you hit the road, do you and your car a favor by following these spring car care tips to get your BMW ready for the upcoming months.

Clean the exterior

The winter season can be rough on a car’s exterior. Give your BMW a good wash, being sure to rinse off the undercarriage as well. This will help to remove any leftover road salt that might otherwise cause corrosion or even rusting.

Check under the hood

After the winter, your BMW is likely in need of some spring maintenance. Check under the hood to make sure your fluids are touched up, and that everything else looks to be in good condition. If you’re not confident about your own mechanical skills, bring your BMW into Habberstad BMW of Bay Shore and let us give it a thorough checkup.

Check your tires

Cold weather can cause tire pressure to decrease, so now that the weather is warmer it’s possible that your tires have exceeded its recommended PSI. This can affect their performance, so be sure to check the pressure in all four tires as well as your spare. Also look to see that the tread on your tires is still deep for the best possible traction in the rainy spring season.

Get your car road-ready and schedule your service at Habberstad BMW of Bay Shore today!