BMW Lifestyle

As some of the most passionate drivers on the road, BMW owners simply love their cars more than the rest. The Ultimate Driving Machine helps to take the seemingly ordinary and transform it into something unforgettable. No matter what you do, whether its hitting the grocery store or traveling across the country, your BMW will get you there and turn a few heads along the way.

Lifestyle - SkiingSkiing BMW owners in the North East live for the thrill of driving the Ultimate Driving Machine, and that need for excitement spills over in every aspect of their life. When heading up to Vermont for a weekend on the slopes, they trust their BMW to take them to the very top. Whether its snow capped mountains or sun soaked beach, you can depend on your BMW can help get you there safely, and in style.

Lifestyle - High PerformanceHigh Performance Habberstad has teamed up with the Dinan team to offer high performance upgrades for clients looking to get even more out of their BMW. As a leading manufacturer of BMW accessories, Dinan understands that owners see their BMWs as more than just cars. With this in mind, they’re sure to work with a level of passion required by those driving the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Lifestyle - Around TownAround Town Whether going to the grocery store or to the baseball field, you can always rely on your BMW to bring you from point A to point B. When life demands the most from you, you can be confident when demanding the most from your BMW.

Lifestyle - TravelTravel There’s nothing quite like a long road trip to create a lifetime of memories. Cross-country or cross-town, your BMW is your constant companion, helping you and your passengers enjoy every subtle nuance of the trip with a smooth ride and unmatched safety.

lightlifeNight Life Everybody loves a fun night on the town. Turn those good times from fun to extraordinary with BMW. No matter where you go, who you’re with, or what you do, your BMW is sure to turn heads and bring a little extra life to your night.

you and your bmwYou and Your BMW Here are some stories of Habberstad BMW customers and what they’re doing with their BMWs. Hearing from these individuals may just inspire you to enjoy your BMW in new ways.