BMW Collection at the Petersen Automotive Museum Celebrates 100 Years of Performance

Date: October 8, 2016 Categories: BMW History

In 2016, BMW is celebrating 100 years of automotive excellence. The company was officially founded on March 7, 1916, and is still growing and evolving 100 years later.

To honor the past century of BMWs, there will be a special BMW collection at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles through October 14th. The exhibit, called “BMW: 100 Years Performance,” showcases five of BMW’s most memorable vehicles.

The cars on display include a 1970 Alpina 2002ti racecar, a 1977 IMSA 320i Turbo driven by David Hobbs, a 1979 M1 classic, an iconic BMW 507 roadster, and the 2000 FW22 Formula 1 car driven by Ralf Shumacher. In addition, the museum currently has a large display of BMW Art Cars and for a limited time, the M3 GT2 BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons will join the exhibit. The BMW display is included with regular museum admission.

While the Petersen Museum is literally on the other side of the country, this is a display you don’t want to miss. These specific vehicles are difficult to experience all together, especially with the addition of the Art Cars. If you’re heading to LA before October 14th, make sure to plan a visit to the Petersen Museum!